Tsunami help – a political desaster?

My cousin is an aid-man in the german „Bundeswehr“ – his job is now to serve on the aid-ship „Berlin“ of the Bundeswehr which is on it´s way to Sumatra. But hey, what does the Indonesien government say? We don´t need you here. As my cousin told me via Email, they are doing nothing there than trying out their brand new aid-ship – which is one of the newest in the world. I´m asking myself, why is the Bundeswehr there? Didn´t´they know the Indonesien government doesn´t want them to be there? Couldn´t they ask before they send the soldiers there? What they are doing at the moment (they are NOT ALLOWED to go on land an help) is shipping down the cost, and when they see injured people they take a small boat and go to the beach, trying to help. But that can´t be the meaning of such an operation. The germans are there 2 weeks too late, and why they are there is just of political purposes – they´s rather ship to india an trying to help there when they could (or safe taxes).

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