Kids should learn these

yes, I totally agree with Adriaan´s list. Kids today need to know more than chemistry formulas etc. Any additional suggestions?

1. ten-finger typing without staring at the keyboard, that’s indeed one to know

2. speaking in front of a group and deal with questions appropriately

3. expressing thoughts on paper in a concise and clear way so that your kid sibling understands it

4. using a computer and the internet, with as bonus basic programming

5. understanding and speaking English, Spanish and at least basic Chinese or Japanese

6. understanding why reading matters and doing it

7. chess, checkers, or go

8. a nice curling shot, a cross-over dribble, or a decent fastball (soccer, basketball, or baseball, for the ignorant)

9. painting, writing, acting, performing, playing music, or doing photography

10. the “or” in (8) and (9) is an inclusive or, so, yes, formal logic is also a must-know

11. the concept of “sharing”

12. understanding that there are other cultures, other religions, other people and to respect them

13. (11) and (12) actually apply to adults more than to kids, so I’ll add: preserve the innocence of youth

14. basic etiquette

15. cooking AND washing up

16. sewing

17. cycling and fixing bikes

18. honesty

19. being able to play 5 different computer games (preferably 3D) to shape problem solving and spacial navigation

20. reading a map

21. milking a cow

22. growing a plant

23. keeping a pet

24. building a bookcase or desk

25. safe sex

26. how to administer first aid, including mouth-on-mouth and CPR

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