It´s all about standardisation: the FOC

The year is going to its end, and I have to check all the figures of my company for the past year: for myself, the fiscal and the bank. And well, I hate this work – I´m not the guy for the numbers. So I´m thinking about syncing and standardisation: in germany (and I guess in the rest of the world, too) all invoices etc. have special fields by law: netto, brutto, vat, date, name…so why the hell does every company make its own invoices on paper? This would be a perfect piece for standardisation and automation: we need a kind of „financial-online-center (FOC)“ with a unique id for every person/company. Everyone who normally sends you an incoice by paper, could fill in the right fields in your FOC, and you get a whole list of all of your invoices. You then can „check them out“ so that they are paid. You can sort and organize them, get deeper into them at the end of the year, send them to the fiscals. No Paper, no missing documents, no mistakes. Hey, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, …, why can´t you make our life a little bit easier 😉

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