I´m addicted: the good ol´times

When I found this site, my eyes became wet: c64.com offers all (and I really mean *all*) C64 games I have ever played – and I played lots of them. You can download every single one of them there *for free*. Remember „vermeer“, or may favourite game „kennedy approach“? So, the first thing I did was to find a suitable emulator. And there is one very good for mac osx, it´s called „frodo“. It is very good and stable, though it had problems to realize my keyboard as a „joystick“. But I wanted the full experience: Since I´ve a modchipped Xbox (xecuter 2) with a build in 60gb HD and running linux-ftp server, I got FrodoX – a Frodo port to the Xbox – and it really kicks ass…It recognizes the gamepads as joystick devices, and if you ever need keyboard support for any game , you can choose letters from a quicklist. I´m back in the good ol´days! But know what: Somehow I had in my mind, that the graphics of the games were much better – it´s a case of childish phantasie…;-)

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