iTunes germany: 4 out of 5 stars from me!

Some days ago itunes germany started. And due to the fact, that it was raining yesterday, I decided not to go to the music-store, but try my luck finding the new song „Troy“ in iTunes. First of all I have top say, that the concept, having an online store in a „local-software“ seems to me very good. You always have the latest songs and albums in your well known surrounding. Making an account is simple: you just need to select the right store (in my case iTunes-store germany) and enter your credit-card informations. iTunes germany doesn´t have many songs at the moment – but they are presented in a clear and well designed way. I wasn´t able to find my beloved song, but I chosed to take another one. They all cost 0.99 €, which is quite ok in my opinion. I mean, if you go to the store and buy your song on a single you always have to pay at least 7 €, for a rap, hiphop, metall and no-voice-karaoke-mallorca-mix-additional version of your song. hell, the download was fast: there was no speed-o-meter, but I guess it was at least 150 kBit, cause the 2.30 long Beastie boys song was delivered in less than a minute. So, iTunes gives a very new shopping experience: you get a 30 sec. long prehear of your song, you can see the cd-cover, you can be lead to the interprets-website, and may view their music-vid. The song is delivered very fast, and when iTunes is able to convince even more music-companies to participate with their store, I think, times are getting harder for my music-store next door.

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