George W. Bush: A neo-marxist?

Well, I think this is a quite complicated view of the role of Mr. Bush. The article mentions, that Bush claimed China as the next big opponent in the world after the former soviet-union was broken down in it´s role as a „superpower“. Additionaly Bush´s claim of „You are with us, or you are against us“ during the building of the anti-terror-alliance, was of an „international dialectic“, and therefore marxistic point of view. I have to add, that „marxism“ is of a social-, and „dialectic“ is of a philosphical context – so the author´s argumentation is quite wrong in this way. He also mentions, that 9/11 was a consequence of the different roles of the administration: Miss Rice as conservative, Mr Powell as liberal and Mr. Bush as a „neo-marxist“ had different interests in the way they wanted to lead the USA in international relationships. But can that be all? What about the fights between CIA, FBI etc…Though I think the author has got an interesting point of view, i believe, that the catastrophy of 9/11 was a consequence of a lot of mistakes and ignorements…

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