GPS Tours

Since I got my Blackberry 8800 with GPS I’m more and more in watching out for tour infos in GPS compatible formats (like gpx etc.) – And I’m quite happy to find more and more sites covering tours (bike, hike, skate,…) with these infos. One which I just stumbled upon is, which has thousands of GPS tours round the world: download them, or get google maps overlays, add your own, rate them: this is very high quality UGC…

@typepad: I’m pissed….

Dear typepad crew: I started blogging with Movabletype back in 2003, moved to typepad in 2004 and since payed for this account. Typepad is slow since months, and I never got that much spam like during the last weeks – can you give me any reason, why I should not change to WordPress? I pay 140 bucks a year… Damn! Please update your spam filters!

Some news about motionet AG

Well, this is my first try of an ad hoc videocast uncut: just tryin if this medium fits my needs: boy, I don’t find it too easy to speak into a camera – even it’s just my isight and I’m on my own terrace 😉 Drop me a line, if you are interested in Dusseldorf based jobs: developers and marketings are welcome: ingmar at , 😉 Please be patient with me 😉

OSX: Virtual Desktops

Will be a feature in Leopard, but works as well with tiger: virtual desktops. Just tried you control: desktops . Which is free for a limited time and then is about 30 bucks. Works great!

UPDATE:Using virtual desktops now since some days, and it has come to a really handy feature: I really think of buying this piece of software although I’m going to get leopard as soon as it comes to the stores.