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Madonna: best concert I´ve ever been

Nb Madonna1 GWe went to Düsseldorf last sunday, to see Madonna with 45k others in the LTU Arena. Tickets weren´t quite cheap, but worth every cent of them: Madonna just turned 48 last thursday, but boy is she tough and, well, damn sexy. Together with about 20 dance-mates it was more a powerful musical than a simple concert. Madonna likes to provoke – wether it´s just a PR gag, or if it´s really in her mind to change something: when an artist has got the chance to adress 45k people on one evening, than he should transport a message – and she does. There were some rumors before the concert, about a scene, where she is „nailed“ to a cruzifix. It was provoking, no question, but in no way embarassing.

The show was just perfect: Madonna gave no additonals, but she gave everything she had in the 2,5 hours before. The lightshow was perfect, perfect sound and many moments of shivering…;)

Robbie´s a nice boy, but Madonna is the princess of pop – and will be for a long time, from my point of view.

(Foto: / WDR/Thomas Brill, ddp, AP)