Not funny!

Since about one week we are experiencing a wave of new spam – it´s „undeliverable-spam“ – send under the name of our domain. It´s always a message back from some unkown recipient, that our mail was undeliverable. The mails are sent by some temporarily dial-up smtp servers. So, anyone got a hint what to do? I´m a little bit afraid this spam – wave will kick us on some blabklists.

UPDATE: made a report to the local police – don´t expect much to happen, but want to be sure to have done every imaginable step.

Madonna has cellulitis?!

Have you seen the latest video from madonna: hung up? Wow, she´s really the hippest queen – but does she have something to hide? Watched MTV this morning since ages and saw the video – was impressed and surprised – but have a look for yourself:


Can you see the strange brown nilons she is wearing half-leg-long? When watching the movie its hardly seeable. Mh, I think this is a bit sad – I mean, Madonna had the chance to change the view on women in their „best years“ – she is really pretty, has an amazing body – why does she hide her „problems“. Go Madonna – behave like a strong lady, and stand for it…