We´ve done it: you.andme.net has just launched!

The project my company gojou.com has worked on the last months, was for the photographer S. Jagenburg from Berlin. His project „you.andme“ is one of a very special kind, and plays with the relationship of cars and their owners. The challenge was to combine total usabillity for the users and — the admin. That is why we created a fully dynamical-generated flash site. The admin is able to use a small CMS to manage his pictures and sets, to manage his navigation, to manage all kind of contents (and even use different text-styles, adding colour to them, etc.). Further on a special focus laid on the design: the requirement was to underline the expression of the pictures, and create a comfortable atmosphere. Turn on your speakers, relax, and get a part of the story of you.andme.net

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