Holidays are coming – it´s always the same…

Well, maybe my headline´s not quite right – because: „it´s always the same“ isn´t true for me, ´cause I can´t really remember the last time I went on holidays for more than some days. But now we´re going to portugal, nearly three weeks from the first until the 20 th of July – and that´s the point: we booked the flights in december, so from that day on I knew, that I have to organize everything, to have peaceful holidays – but: the last days were just terrible: wirting my blog – even reading the blogs of my dearest friends was nearly impossible. Organize your employees, organize a cat-sitterin, organize the car-rental in portugal, buy clothes, something against the flies, against the sun, against sicknes…ugh—it seems as if you have to build a whole new life. I remember times, when I just went into my car, heading off for italy, having a nice time for five weeks – without stress. It´s because I´m getting older? Having more to care for? I guess so, and know what? I´m looking forward to this special feeling: checking in in the airport on thursday eveneing, and knowing – you can´t change anymore. It´s done, now it´s just time to retire. So friends, have a nice time – I will so! 😉 bye

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