ebay buys mobile.de

It seems as if the „highscores“ in the last quarter of 2003 gave ebay the ability to buy europes biggest online carmarket mobile.de (austria, great britain, spain, france, sverige). It is a very good strategy of ebay, becoming europes biggest 2nd hand – online – car – dealer. ebay started its „ebaymotors.de“ last year. Friends, the worst thing is, i`ve just read this headline in my rdf-feed,but guess what? its gone, and i dont know from where it came! when i got thelink, i`ll post it here…

Spirit and the mars-wonder

As the german SPIEGEL reports in its online issue, the mars roboter „opportunity“ sent wonderful pictures to earth having a resolution of about 8000 x 3000 pixels. It is said, that details are from such high quality that you can see even sandkorns. Well, it was very interesting to know in which format the pictures are sent: How can you transfer such big pictures in such short time over millions of kilometres? It would be a very nice format for the internet, too 😉

Pepsi ads wink at music download

Mmh, what a cool idea: Pepsi uses 20 kids who where sued by the music industry for illegal music download for its newest advertising campaign: it will be shown at the superbowl event on feb. 01, and shows the kids with Pepsi bottles, saying that they still download music. and they are allowed to, because pepsi offers 100 million free downloads from Apples iTunes -> you can get the download code from the labels on the bottles… Read the full article.